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                                      1-LITER Boroux Bottle    



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The Boroux 16 oz insulated SLEEVE is a double walled stainless steel shell that encases our high-quality ultra clear borosilicate glass bottle.  The SLEEVE helps to protect and maintain a constant temperature for hours.  Boroux Original Borosilicate glass bottle gives you the best tasting water possible, within the SLEEVE it gives you the taste of glass with the strength of steel! Comes with both Original Boroux Bottle and a double-walled insulator. Also, fits most 16oz cans.


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The Boroux Jacket is perfect for keeping your 12 oz aluminum cans and glass bottles at the ideal temperature for hours.  Fits most car cup holders, and perfect for travel and outdoor events.  The double wall insulated stainless steel wall is powder coated giving your JACKET a unique look.  The Jacket has a silicon ring base that eliminates the need for coasters.  The BPA-FREE screw on Thermocuff ring secures in the temperature.